OXO Records

Jason Skilz + Greg Records (Canada)

Jason is a long time House Head and DJ for over two decades. He is well known in the Jacking House scene with dozens of mixes online, guest appearances on CHFM and gigs in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Turning his attention to production recently, Jason has collaborations and releases on Coyote Cuts and Caliber Sounds already and has recently launched the Spins and Needles music label based on his long running arts / event production company of the same name.

DJ Greg Records is a cycling enthusiast / soul and funk DJ and studio wiz kid. Holding down weekly DJ residencies in his native Ottawa, Greg teamed up with Jason Skilz after the two were introduced by their girlfriends at a party. Kicking off an immediate production partnership based on funky beats and love of House music, the pair have already got their First EP ready for release.