OXO Records

NAGWOODE (Galen Conroy) has a vision of releasing tracks to an intimate, yet global audience.

Starting off as a jazz saxophonist, with studies at StFX University, Nagwoode spontaneously realized his love of House Music through DJ Heather’s performance at Evolve Music Festival in 2007. After returning home, he started researching House and learning about DJing. His early mentor was Jeremy Coleman aka JJ Rasmussen. Later on, Nagwoode studied electronic music production with ill.gates, Vespers, Ben Rama, Loopsy Dazy, and Botnek.

Several years later, after immersing himself in production, Nagwoode’s sound is starting to catch on. In early 2012, his remix of Tonye Aganaba and Loopsy Dazy’s “Under The Stars” was released on Beatport, on Jesse Saunders’ Broken Records. Be on the lookout in early to mid-2013 for releases on Deep Hype Sounds, O.X.O, AstroDigital, Konura, Crossworlder, and Union Recordings.

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