OXO Records


A mainstay of the Portland and Seattle scenes since the late 90’s, Pacific Northwest native Trevor Vichas has entertained audiences with his mesmerizing blend of house, garage, and techno meets jazz, disco, and hip hop; warm rolling basslines, hypnotic chord progressions, and soulful vocals that speak with a message of love. With his production reflecting early influences of both classic Chicago and Detroit house and techno, it’s not surprising that his love of all things funk, soul, hip-hop, and disco pulse through him; giving his unique sound the infectious ingredients that make you want to jump up and get out on the floor.


Trevor has held regular residencies in Portland and Seattle since 2005; he has traveled from Seattle to San Francisco to Honolulu to Miami to Los Angles to Mexico City pushing his sound to broader audiences and gaining popularity across the country, yet keeps his feet planted firmly in his own backyard by contributing to the progression of his local scene through booking national and international acts, further placing the Northwest on the map of “don’t miss” places to experience performing. Trevor has contributed guest mixes for some notable podcasts and radio shows, including Kiss FM Australia, KBOO Portland, KZME Portland, KZSU Stanford, UglyHouse, House Salad, Jacking Beatz Collective, 5Magazine New Mix Mondays, and HAWT Music’s HAWTCast. Trevor currently maintains a residency on Chicago House FM and broadcasts both his personal sessions and live events on the Florida-based radio station.


Trevor launched into producing in 2008 and immediately received positive response to his creations, securing his tracks in playlists of industry heavy-hitters such as Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Iz & Diz, Phil Weeks, Hector Morales, and DJ Heather. Additionally, Trevor has collaborated with notable artists such as Craig Hamilton, Andrew Lozano, Tommy Largo, and Terry Mullan; completed remixes for successful artists such as Chuck Love, Chemars, Filta Freqz, and Dave Allison, and has also found himself being remixed by the likes of Mark Castley, Flapjackers, Tom Special Interest, and Nonfiction.


Trevor has had successful original and remixed works released on Robsoul Recordings, Flatpack Traxx, Phobic Recordings, Serial Sickness, Cabbie Hat Recordings, FLC Recordings, Bounce House Records, Market House Meats, Mighty Perverts, Greenhouse Recordings, Seventy Four, Ficus Tree, Union Recordings, Blue Gritt Records, Aspect Audio, Cotopaxi, Treasured Grooves, Skeet Traxx, Jack Locker Recordings, Mindshift Recordings, Freqy Music Group, Funk Mansion, Drizzle Music, Coyote Cuts, Dustpan Recordings, and Tight Recordings.


With such versatility, creativity, desire to keep things fresh, and a steady stream of releases keeping him in-demand and relevant to dance music today, Trevor Vichas has already proven himself to be a contender in today’s market, showing no signs of stopping. In fact, he’s just getting started.




Trevor’s upcoming releases and remixes include works on OXO Records, Boogiemonster Records, Whole House Blows, Seven Recordings,Native Soul Lounge, The Bomb Digital, Ginkgo Music, House Call Records, and Deepjacking Recordings.

JACOB POE from Portland USA

Jacob Poe was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He was first introduced to the electronic underground music scene in 1997. He was instantly taken by the music he heard. Although Poe loves electronic music he enjoys all types of music and listens constantly for new genres in music. As a House DJ, Jacob’s style can be described as soulful, deep, bass, tech, chunky, funky, disco, jazz, with some banging beats to wash it all down with. DJ Poe has played clubs and raves in Italy, Montana, and Oregon. With over 15 years of experience under his belt he is sure to rock the turntables for all those who love House music and funky tech beats with heavy bass lines. Jacob has also had some recent track releases on mimosa recordings. Be on the look out for more releases on O.X.O Records, Seven Records, and Treasured Grooves!