OXO Records

CORDUROY MAVERICKS from Lexington (Kentucky – USA)

Bio Corduroy Mavericks (Rick Nielsen):

2011 was definitely a breakout year for Corduroy Mavericks and listed below are a few of our highlights:

5 Vinyl Releases – Beatdown, Coyote Cuts (2), Flapjack (2) and a 6th forthcoming on Central Music

55 Releases on 20 labels for 2011

11 releases so far on 3 labels for 2012

97 releases on 31 labels since 2007

#1 overall top downloaded track on Stompy and Traxsource for 4 weeks concurrent with our track “Unsettled” released on Dufflebag Recordings

Featured tracks on 6 Mark Farina podcasts

Launch of our own artist website www.corduroymavericks.com (including mobile site and corresponding QR code for direct smart device link)

25 different performance dates across multiple domestic and international locations

Currently working on a collaboration remix with Brian Setzer Orchestra

Currently working on EP’s for Flapjack, Dufflebag, Maracuja and Fore Play Music

Most recent release is on Drop Music

Personal information on Rick Nielsen

Place of residence: Lexington Kentucky

Employer: Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal

Duties: Full Time Corporate Educational Sales Representative

Top Rep 2011

5 State territory with 30 clients that are ranked business schools at top universities

Education: Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) from University of Maryland, Baltimore County [Honors]

DJ since 1999

Music Production Since 2003

Zero personal debt and 800+ credit rating

Expertly skilled in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Abelton Live, SalesForce

Clear background and able to travel with no issues.

Hard working, dedicated, creative, outside the box thinker and over achiever

I think that a look at our accomplishments this past year show that I am most comfortable when I have a lot going on and my multi-tasking skills are put to test. I am fortunate enough that my corporate day job allows me the flexibility of setting my own schedule and since I work out of my house, I don’t report to an office daily. All of this allows me to travel and dedicate time to the studio. My focus is to grow our brand and create a relevant influence in the electronic music industry. I don’t just work with people, I partner with key industry leaders to accomplish a common goal. I understand the full cycle of sales and the important aspects of building a lasting business. I am VERY MOTIVATED.